Inside the Box

Hey all. Bet you’re wondering what’s been occupying my time as of late. Well, I’ll tell ya: roughly two and a half weeks ago, I came into the possession of an XBox 360, thanks largely to a grant from the My Roommate Is Roughly As Smart As a Fifth Grader But Not Necessarily Smarter Than One Foundation. Yeah, he was on the show, won some money, and he bought me the console in repayment of a loan I gave him a while back.

The XBox 360 is awesome. You already know this. You’ve probably had one for about two years. Not that me getting in on a console long after its release disturbs any sort of ongoing trend or anything. But surprisingly, it’s not the high-profile releases that really make the 360 such an enjoyable console for me – rather, it’s all the XBox Live Arcade titles available for download. Finally, I get to catch up with the rest of the gaming world on titles that I’ve always wanted to try out but never had an opportunity to play until now.

Because I’m still lazy as hell about updating the site proper, and because attempting to slap on capsule reviews for my currently meager library would be incredibly silly, I just thought I’d take some time out to list the games I’ve played so far, and what I think of them.

Borderlands was one of the two actual discs I bought for the game, and I’ve probably played it least of all out of the games at my disposal. I have a built-in bias against FPSes, mainly because I’m awful at them. My reaction time is molasses-slow, I have the aim of a cross-eyed person, and any kill I make is generally out of either sheer luck or because I abuse rocket-propelled grenades at every opportunity. I like the setting and the sense of humor, though, so I think once I get over my own discomforts of playing the game, I’ll enjoy it.

NHL ’09 was the other disc I got, in used form. Obviously, being a sports game there isn’t much to say, other than I cream opponents on Rookie mode and get pasted myself on Pro.

Peggle has been a game that’s eaten large chunks of time out of my day – and that’s frankly astounding, given that the game itself is really kinda stupid. I mean, it’s fun and everything, but when I look at a clock and discover it’s early morning, I really have to wonder to myself, “I just spent four hours dropping balls down a pachinko board?” Luckily, I cleared the adventure mode, and challenge has frustrated me enough that I’ve escaped the game’s clutches.

Portal is one of those games I really wanted to play when it came out, and I’ve probably played it more than anything else. It’s the FPS that’s not an FPS, because it’s more about puzzle solving than quick reflexes. The challenge maps are great, too.

Castle Crashers, or as I like to call it, “The RPG that thinks it’s the TMNT Arcade Game”, is a game that I’m having a hard time enjoying. The character design is cute, and there are just enough tweaks to make it more than just a mindless hack-and-slash, but the potty humor is way over-the-top. Blood I can tolerate; animals propelled by their own digestive system not as much.

I also downloaded Mega Man 9 again, primarily so I can boost my Gamerscore a bit. It’s the same game, of course, although they mapped the weapons subscreen to the wrong button.

Ironically, the game I’ve had the most fun is a game that’s no longer available: 1 vs. 100 Live, the online mock-up of the game show where I bombed out on the first question. The actual live game has been a lot of fun, with the potential for prizes (up to $125 in Microsoft Points) for players in the mob. There were also extended games playing throughout the week which served as simple online quizzes. I’m really looking forward to seeing this return, as it’s the only game thus far that I’ve even gotten close to completing all the achievements on.

Games I’ve got my eye on in the future include N+ and the re-release of Castlevania:SOTN. (I might actually get past that loading screen!) I’m also probably going to get the Rock Band setup at some point, although I should probably find a way to get rid of the utterly worthless version (and the equally worthless drums) that I got for the Wii first. And of course, if you have an XBox 360 and wish to add me, my Gamertag is Loogaroo1. Just give me a heads up in an E-mail if you do it; that way I’ll know who you are.

Talk to you guys soon!


One thought on “Inside the Box

  1. jepmasta

    Hey Tim, great to see you’re on XBL

    My gamertag is Jepmasta. When you get RB@ gimme a heads up, It’d be cool to have someone to rock with.



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