What’s next?

Two things of note:

1) Episode 3 of The Time Bomb is currently in post-production. The big question will be what I’m going to do with it when it’s done. The previous two episodes were posted on my own YouTube account, which is fine, but seeing as the show is more of a team effort with my game show-loving friends (known collectively as “Ineligible Productions”), I’ve talked to them about potentially creating a new YouTube account for IP that we could post The Time Bomb and any other original stuff we do in the future. We haven’t officially decided what we’re going to do; I’m leaning towards the new account, but there are some reservations about copyrights and such. I’ll keep you posted.

2) Once I get done with The Time Bomb, I’ll probably be starting on a new review. There are a total of five games that are pretty much ripe for a video review. Since I can’t narrow down the choices, I’ll let you do that for me. Here’s the YouTube video where I give the nominees (as well as explaining why I can’t review many of the games people request):

I’ll leave the voting open until The Time Bomb is done and posted (which will probably be a couple weeks from now).


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