What’s been happening the last five months

I know what you’re thinking. “Gee, whatever happened to that guy who pretends he’s a werewolf and writes video game reviews that nobody agrees with?”

Well, I’ve been here this whole time. Just really, really REALLY busy with a series of annoyances. To wit: having my old laptop die, having to buy a new one, and discovering that most of my old software won’t work on it; spending almost an entire month on jury duty for a case that was supposed to only last two weeks; and having a couple of mental breakdowns along the way thanks to work being incredibly obnoxious the last few months.

So anyway.

The FF7 video review has been coming along slowly. Just got the airship; so I figure I’m about 60% through the plot. Having a clearer schedule now will help to a large degree; at this point, it’s mostly a matter of getting off my butt and finishing the game. Of course, given that I’m not a huge fan of the game, motivation has been a concern from the get-go – especially after being separated from the game for such a long time.

I will say this, though – if it takes another five months to finish this, then you all have my permission to slap me upside the head.


2 thoughts on “What’s been happening the last five months

  1. Nangbaby

    You think that’s bad? I haven’t finished uploading LAST YEAR’s The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III playthrough, and there’s still no timeframe of when I can do that. And all I’m doing is just cropping.

    Video editing & audio work simply can’t be done if you do not have reliable access to a computer for extended periods of time. It’s not something you can chisel at five minutes here and five minutes there.


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