Oh, by the way

For those of you who have enjoyed the episodes of The Time Bomb that I’ve posted, here’s bit of news about that.

You may be aware of the fact that a group of us are planning to create sizzler reels of a handful of our game show concepts – of which The Time Bomb is included – in a more professional setting later a few months down the road. In speaking to some industry professionals who have very kindly provided some pro bono advice, they have recommended that we remove any videos of the show that are currently online. This is because it would be counterproductive for us to pitch a show idea to someone who could potentially stumble upon videos of the show in a less polished form.

Thus, if you are interested in saving any episodes of The Time Bomb for posterity, I suggest you do so before the end of the month. Next month, we will be deleting all three episodes of The Time Bomb currently on YouTube in preparation of our upcoming tapings. We’re sorry we have to do this sort of thing, but if it helps our chances of getting this show (or any of our shows) on the air, then I’m sure you’ll agree it’s for the best.

Episode 3 can be found just a few posts down. As for the first two episodes, check here for Episode 2, and here for Episode 1.


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