Belated review update, and a quick announcement

First off, this was posted about a week ago, but I’ve been busy with the next review I’ve been working on that I never got around to posting it here.

It’s my 25th video review, for the equally monumental game The Legend of Zelda.

In other news, The Bloog is now on Facebook. If you’re a fan of the site, do me a favor and join up. Not only will you be giving my ego a much-appreciated stroking, but it’ll also help me gauge just how many people follow the site. Believe me, it’s hard to look at WordPress’ Dashboard for this thing and try to work out how many of those hits are actually mine on account of this site being my Chrome homepage.

As you could guess, Zelda 2 is the next review in line. I’ve already got the footage captured and converted, and the script written. Which means I simply have to record my voiceover and action shots and put it all together and we should be done, maybe even before Super Bowl Sunday if I act quickly enough.


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