Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new champion. Of suck.

Ever since I started reviewing video games for whatever web space I was using back in 1996, Hydlide for the NES has always held the record for being the lowest-scoring game in my library. When I was scoring with percentages, it rated in the low 20s; nowadays, it languishes with a total score of seven points out of 80 possible. For fifteen years, it had the infamous title of the worst game I’ve ever played.

Not anymore.

This, folks, is what happens when a media company decides to make a video game out of one of their classic game show properties – only instead of doing a video game version of a classic game show, they do a video game of their crappy revival of said classic game show, and then give the responsibility of making this game to a company that barely did justice to The Price is Right, and turned Press Your Luck into an absolute shell of its former glorious self. (They also did the Wii releases of Family Feud and Hollywood Squares. I haven’t played either, and it this point it would take a rather sizable bribe for me to do so.) In otherwords, the short-sighted leading the inept. The result could’ve been seen a mile away.

Typically I like to do some sort of April Fools joke that is related somehow to my web presence. Last year, it was my joke review of FF3. The year before that, I did a fake Game Show Tournament bracket where the #1 ranked show was You’re In The Picture and it just went downhill from there. Prior to that, I Rickrolled all four Time Bomb videos I had recently uploaded. This year, instead of my own joke, I decided to let Ludia take care of the humor – unintentional as it may have been. Enjoy.


One thought on “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new champion. Of suck.

  1. Andrew B

    I just saw your review on Youtube. It was well done, I have seen gameplay of this game and I have to agree with you one hundred percent that it was not like the version that we knew when I was growing up. Keep up the great work and I will stay suscribed.


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