I have emerged from my cryogenic slumber!

Well, more like “I finally got off my butt and did something for the site.”

In case you’re wondering what caused the massive hibernation, it was one part work being totally obstinate (2 hours overtime just about every night… when you’re already scheduled to work until midnight), one part writer’s block (no less than two reviews were started and stalled because I couldn’t come up with a good angle for a video), one part outside commitments (volunteering for Strategicon and hosting Press Your Luck therein, as you may have seen on my YouTube channel), and one part abject laziness. Things have gotten a little less hectic now; I’ve managed to escape the soul-crushing vortex that is the souther California card room industry, and my schedule has since opened up. It also helps that I have a new cell phone, one with HD video capacity, so I can start making videos without being self-conscious about resolution.

On that note, let’s stop filibustering and reveal my latest work: a swift walkthrough of everyone’s favorite game of level grinding and butthoumusting, Dragon Warrior.

Speaking of Dragon Warrior, I was playing around with Famitracker (a program that allows you to compose music using an NES soundboard), and I managed to put together a decent cover of the battle music from Dragon Warrior IV:

So there’s that.

I’ll probably start on my next review (for which I already have the footage – hint hint) in the next couple of days. See you soon!


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