Fair Warning

For those who don’t follow either my personal profile or The Bloog on Facebook, you should be made aware that this is happening:



You guessed it – I am once again revamping my personal website, kludging together whatever bits and pieces of HTML I know with the templates and code snippets that Dreamweaver has provided me, I intend to update as much of the existing website as I can to the above layout, and move everything to a new domain. The anonymous benefactor who has very graciously been keeping both “loogslair” domains afloat the past few years has already notified me that they will not be doing it in the future, so this move was going to be coming eventually anyway.

The reason I’m making this announcement rather than surprising everyone with the new design is because frankly, I don’t know how much of the site is actually worth keeping. Granted, there are definitely elements that I’m going to make efforts to save, such as the capsule reviews, the 50 Most Memorable Game Show Moments, and a few other things. But I can’t guarantee that your favorite piece of Loogaroo history is going to be updated in time to make the changeover, and if it doesn’t get done before my (admittedly self-imposed) deadline, it won’t get on the new site until it does, if it does.

That said, here’s the date: September 15, 2014. That is when everything is to be moved over to the new site. It will also mark the end of both loogslair sites, as well as my presence on WordPress. (Whatever articles I’ve written during the WordPress era – all three of them – have already been updated, so don’t worry about losing those.)

Thanks to everyone who’s enjoyed the site for the over 20 years it’s been in existence. (Yes, it really has been that long.) The audience that the site has had this whole time has been relatively small, but it’s been loyal, and that really is something that brings me a lot of gratitude. Who knows if the new site will end up going just as dormant as it’s been the last few years, but if my personal experience with the site is any indication, you can expect at least a few new blatherings from me before I get caught up in other things once again. (And hey, look! There’s a new article already written once the new site goes live! Aren’t you just shivering with anticipation?)

I’ll talk to you guys soon!


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