Show yourselves!

A meme that I’ve modified from the one that smartguy323 has most recently used:

1) Copy & Paste your “Friend of:” list.
2) If you know who this person is, bold their name.
3) If you didn’t know who the person was but had your memory refreshed by checking that person’s userinfo/journal, italicize their name.
4) If you have no idea who this person is, leave their name alone.
5) Those without a bold or italic name are encouraged to leave a comment and (re-)introduce themselves.

2ndavemusic, ___________gone, acerbandit, baloneyman, baugh217, blingblogger, bri2kprods, caffymajin, daveyl1982, djstoic, djtifaheart, djtyrant, dmnsux0rz, dmota104, drbear, fortheonesilove, gameshowman, hiphopnotik, hmtriplecrown, hsailormoon, hustler_one, iguanagrrl, jiggery_pokery, jturbeville, kemi, kingradix, ladymercurymoon, lambertman, loogaroo, m1_prominence, marc412, michael_stanton, mike_segekihei, nemmy97, nickdood, nnnnnnnooooooo, pacdude, quiz_master_man, rbmkalpha, renaissancegeek, riversidedimple, robertsearcy, saiyanhedgehog, sakuneko, santiago22, shinmizu, silius, smartguy323, smashattack, tamarik, tleberle, usasatsui, valleyofsaturns

Not too many strangers. That’s comforting.


5 thoughts on “Show yourselves!

  1. renaissancegeek

    I can’t tell in what status you had my name, which should tell you who I am if you didn’t know already. But if you need more info, please let me know in this thread.


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